From a Chinese singer-songwriter to Indie Dance from Iceland: the 29th of March TAC will take you on a musical journey. Gosi, Zhuoling Wu and IKEGO will entertain the public on this evening with a diverse program offering a great mix of music and poetic lyrics.

Zhuoling Wu is a singer-songwriter and music producer from Chengdu China, and founder of the band Wednesday’s Trip in Beijing. In Tibet she lived a reclusive live for some years refining her personal style. She toured all over China and parts of Europe, with 6 albums issued so far by the most influential indie labels in China, like Modern Sky. The elegant melodies, deep vocals, female perspective story-telling lyrics and mystic tranquil atmosphere always endow her music a pure and unique quality.

IKEGO seems to be a former ammunition depot in Zushi, Japan. But in this specific case are we talking about poet Arnoud Riger and mixed-media musician YouEcho. Arnoud Rigter writes sentences like ‘Mamma’s ovulations is my personal big bang’ and ‘Compared to the dead the living seem quite drunk’. YouEcho is a former drummer and percussionist in electronic bands like MRmoody, Flugroove and Monokino. In the recent years he has specialized himself in melancholy musical cartoons.

Gosi is the identity of a young soul who makes indie-dance music with lyrics inspired by fiction, pigeons and fairytales. Hungry for adventures he strives to bring quirky melodies, hypnotizing beats, screaming guitars and awkward hand dancing to the masses. Gosi is often joined on stage and in the studio by the colorful Marta, and the two have no problem with singing their way in to the heart of every dance hungry soul.